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On September 20, 2017, Scott Eck Changed The Culture Of The Coca Cola Company's Global Leadership Team... Forever.

On September 20, 2017, Scott Eck and his Leadership Masters team were chosen for the Capstone Event for Coca Cola company's Annual Leadership Summit. Eck and his team performed their trademark presentation, The Shackleton Experience.  

At the end of the presentation one of the participants marveled, "Your Status Solution concept is an overriding principle that encompasses everything we learned about leadership this week. This is all we need. This was one of the best experiences of my life."  

That participant was given the very first public copy of The Status Solution.  

And now we would like to give YOU a copy too, for free, so you can see why Fortune 100 companies have been asking Scott Eck to present their programs' capstone events for over 30 years.

You will learn:

  • Why Coca Cola chose Scott's 1-page proposal as the foundation to double their business by 2020.
  • How an engineer from Boeing used the Status principle to save the entire Space Shuttle program.
  • How you can apply the Status Solution principles in your organization so you can quickly set yourself up to overcome any obstacles and achiece rapid growth... even if you're in a place of infinite demand, stress and overwhelm now.


Watch This Short Video So You Can See Why Fortune 500 Companies Like The Coca Cola Company, Dell Computers, Boeing, 3M, General Mills, and Booz-Allen-Hamilton Invite Scott Eck To Present Global Leadership Capstone Events.

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What Else Can You And Your Teams Achieve With A High Status Environment?

The people in your organization are good people. They want to do their best. They are thirsty to learn high-performance strategies and models that will allow them to create the results YOU want. If this is something you want then Scott Eck wrote The Status Solution exactly for you.

Once you master the Status Solution principles you and your teams will:

  • Never again fall into the "low status trap" that causes nothing but a downward spiral of dysfunction.
  • Learn the secret to raising the status of your entire organization in the eyes of prospects, customers and your own employees.
  • How to attract, retain and inspire the best people for your organization - and yes, that includes millennials.
  • How to shape your organization's emotional intelligence so you can consistently overcome any obstacles and achieve any results - no matter how dire your situation may appear now.

Kedar Vashi - Director of L & D, Bottling and Investment Group at The Coca Cola Company

Some Of What You'll Discover In The Status Solution

This book teaches you how to apply the 5 principles of status so you can quickly create alignment and rapid growth... even if your leadership teams are in infinite overwhelm and demand.

The 5 Immutable Laws of Status

Learn the 30,000 ft. high status plan so you can begin to use these principles today.

How To Implement the System

Read the real-life stories of how the Status Solution has been applied in every industry.

Eliminate Bad Communication

Learn the Communication Model that quickly dissolves the fear of confrontation.

Plus... Unexpected Benefits

Discover the unexpected benefits you can enjoy with high status environments.

About Scott Eck

Scott Eck is not just a leader of leaders. He works with the best companies in the world to create leaders of leaders.  

That's because Scott is known in the L&D community as a man of the highest integrity and character. His word is his bond. And the only thing that surpasses his genius is his heart.

Scott is also the founder and CEO of Leadership-Masters, Global Team Dynamics, and Capstone.Events - the world's leading provider of Capstone Events for Fortune 100 Leadership and Development initiatives.

Scott has been providing leadership capstone events for companies like Boeing, 3M, General Mills, Coca Cola, and many others for over 30 years.  

Scott lives in New York and London with his wife Dina, and is the father of 3 millennials who keep him on his toes.

What others are saying about Scott Eck and The Status Solution...

"This is breakthrough thinking...

...that captures the very essence of building a high status environment and living a high status life."

Jan Wilmott, Former Director of Executive Education The Boeing Company, UBS, and The Royal Bank of Canada

"A master storyteller and leadership coach...

...Scott Eck weaves and insightful and unique theme of status as a way increasing our positive impact on others.

Kevin WIlde, Former Chief Learning Officer, General Mills

You can contact me directly at 845-893-4002. This goes right to my personal cell phone! Or email me at scott@Leadership-Masters.com. - Scott.

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